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WCPTH Club Members with some of the school supplies collected and donated to JBWS.  From left – Cathy Haney, Bernadette Cicchino and Marilyn Marion, Club President


Message from the Club Co-Presidents


[vc_column_text]If you are visiting this website you are one step closer to joining a wonderful group of volunteers who participate in a wide array of civic and cultural projects and fundraisers   while having fun social gatherings as well!  There is truly something for everyone.  Some of the projects we support each year include awarding scholarships to local graduating seniors, Citizenship Awards for local 8th graders and  a Spelling Bee for 5th graders and Reading Awards.  We also Adopt a Family at Christmas time, support our troops through a program called Boatsies Boxes and provide donations to the local food pantry to name just a few of the projects we do each year.

The Woman’s Club of Parsippany Troy-Hills is a member of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Every two years a Special State Project is selected, that all the clubs in the state support.  The current project is CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). CASA is an organization of volunteers dedicated to helping America’s most vulnerable children have someone to speak up for their bests interests.

The Woman’s Club of Parsippany-Troy Hills is a local organization of women of varying ages that helps make us extremely diversified in our volunteering.  Our General meetings are the fourth Monday of each month and are held at the Rescue & Recovery Building, 100 Centerton Drive, Parsippany.  Please come to a meeting and see what we area all about. Find out more by sending an email to womansclubofpth@gmail.com

Joan Garbarino & Diana Freidinger, Co-Presidents,  President[/vc_column_text]

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Club Profile



The Woman’s Club of Parsippany-Troy Hills is a dynamic group of women of all ages and walks of life committed to volunteerism and service to the community. Our Club is involved in charitable, philanthropic, educational and recreational activities and has made many contributions to Parsippany and to our state.  The Club works in harmony with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC).

Some of the Club’s annual service projects include food drives, support of domestic violence shelters, book donations for Parsippany-Troy Hills Library, school supply drive for Jersey Battered Women’s Services, and working at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  We also work with other NJSFWC Clubs on the Special State Project, National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The Club’s major fundraiser is the Annual Scholarship Golf Classic, which raises money for scholarships for Parsippany-Troy Hills High Schools.  The Club also gives Middle School Citizenship Awards and 5th Grade Reading Awards.  And every year the Club sends two delegates to Girl’s Career Institute at Douglass College.

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